Moreton Bay Quandamooka & Catchment: Past, present, and future

This book was generously gifted to The Moreton Bay Foundation by the independent group of scientists, consultants and industry experts who organised and presented the Moreton Bay Quandamooka & Catchment Forum.  It is an expansion of the research presented at the Forum and includes the latest updates available at the time of publication.

This book is dedicated to the future stewards of Moreton Bay Quandamooka and the lands and waterways of its catchment.

  1. You can purchase the printed book (648 pages) for $93.50 inc GST plus postage.
  2. You can download the book in PDF format.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Indigenous Knowledge and Culture

Chapter 2 Communities and Values

Chapter 3 History and Change in Moreton Bay

Chapter 4 Water Quality, Land-Use and Land-Cover

Chapter 5 Habitats, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function

Chapter 6 Citizen Science

Chapter 7 Industry and Planning

Chapter 8 Moreton Bay Marine Park

A Nature Guide to North Stradbroke Island book

A Nature Guide to North Stradbroke Island Minjerrinbah

This guidebook provides a comprehensive introduction to the island’s unique wildlife and ecology. Beautifully illustrated with over 700 photographs, the nature guide has been compiled as a community project by members of the Friends of Stradbroke Island, a non-profit community group, dedicated to protecting the island’s unique fragile environment. Many people—FOSI members, bushwalkers, bird watchers, photographers, expert ecologists, island lovers and Traditional Owners—have given freely of their time and expertise to the book.

You can purchase the printed book:

  1. Online for $35 plus $5 postage (to Australia).
  2. Mainland bookshops including: SLQ Library Shop (South Brisbane), Avid Reader (West End), Mary Ryan (New Farm), Riverbend Books (Bulimba), One Girl Studio (Graceville) and Indigiscapes (Capalaba).
  3. On the island including: Point Lookout News Agency, Manta Lodge and Scuba Centre and Moreton Bay Research Station, NSI Historical Museum and Straddie News (Dunwich).
  4. By post by sending a cheque for $35 plus $5 postage (to Australia) made out to “Friends of Stradbroke Island” to PO Box 167, Point Lookout Qld 4183.