Policy Statement

The Moreton Bay Foundation (TMBF) is an environmental charity working to achieve our vision for Moreton Bay. This policy details conditions on accepting and refusing donations from individuals, corporations, Government, Trusts and Foundations.


The purpose of the Donation Acceptance policy is to create the operational requirements to accept and refuse donations.


  1. TMBF encourages donations from individuals, foundations and companies. Donations may be in the form of money, property or other assets or in‐kind services. TMBF will accept donations if:
    1. The donation is consistent, in fact and appearance, with our activities, policies, mission, goals and programs; and
    2. The donation is not linked to a requirement for TMBF to endorse any products, policies or services that might be interpreted as a constraint.
    3. Where a donor wishes to make a contribution with constraints the Board must approve the project and constraints. The Foundation has the absolute discretion not to accept donations which may impair, in any way, its reputation or its capacity to carry out its mission and vision.
  2. Donations will only be accepted that adhere to our requirements under the Register of Environmental Organisations (REO). Donations must be for the protection and enhancement of the natural environment or a significant aspect of the natural environment; or the provision of information or education, or the carrying on of research about the natural environment or a significant aspect of the natural environment.

Tax Deductible Gifts

To obtain a tax-deductible receipt; donations must be of money or property made voluntarily with no material benefit provided to the donor. Offers of financial support to TMBF that have conditions that provide material benefits to the individual or an organisation are to be considered contributions to TMBF. Contributions cannot receive a tax-deductible receipt.

All donations of $2 or more to The Moreton Bay Foundation are tax deductible.