On 30 November, Dr Paul Maxwell from our Research Advisory Committee convened our third Expert Scientific Forum on the topic of Horizon scanning the health of the Bay in Olympic Year 2032. 43 scientists, policy makers and environmental managers shared their past experiences with large events, their perspectives on the issues impacting the health of the Moreton Bay region and their vision for Moreton Bay in 2032. Strategies were discussed with the following recommendations respectively submitted to the TMBF Board for consideration.

The first step is to engage with QYAC as the Traditional Owners of Quandamooka to learn of their concerns and priorities for the 2032 Olympics and determine how we can work together most effectively to support their priorities. In that context, the next steps to achieve TMBF’s goal of ensuring the best for the Moreton Bay region in 2032 and beyond are:

  1. Identify a common vision that the scientific community can get behind for 2032. Then establish a few key targets that are demonstrably achievable and outline what is needed to achieve them.
  2. Establish a clear plan for collaboration and engage early.
  3. Promote the cultural, social, natural and economic values of the Bay in the lead up to 2032 pivoting on sustainability.
  4. Establish a habitat restoration plan for Moreton Bay.
  5. Promote uses of Moreton Bay that are sustainable.

The TMBF Board will considering these recommendations in the new year as a focal point for our efforts to ensure a sustainable, brighter future for Moreton Bay.