Clouds painting by Ralph Wilson
Clouds painting by Ralph Wilson

When renowned artist Ralph Wilson donated a painting to TMBF, it caught the eye of another passionate Moreton Bay stalwart.

Wilson, who grew up in in Brisbane and spent his childhood on the river and the Bay, has captured the ebb and flow of Moreton bay in a prolific bank of work. Fascinated with water and weather, and the dramatic effect is has on light, he has a unique ability to capture that in his art.

Boats, Moreton Bay and Ralph Wilson’s art are also a passion for Andrew Harper, business man and author of “Classic Moreton Bay Cruisers”, a history of and tribute to the wooden boats built in the region.

It seems logical that these two passions would come together. When Andrew expressed his interest in the Wilson painting TMBF was offering for sale, he mentioned he had one very like “Clouds” already – so Ralph found him another!

‘Lucinda Bay’ now proudly adorns the offices of Harper’s jointly owned Cornerstone Properties.

The Moreton Bay Foundation expresses our gratitude to both Ralph, Andrew and Cornerstone Properties for their very generous support of The Moreton Bay Foundation, and ongoing commitment to a brighter future for the Bay.

You can purchase a copy of Andrew Harper’s book here.