The Friends of Moreton Bay are entitled to a representative on the TMBF Members Advisory Committee (MAC). The committee is chaired by Director Mark Gibbs and attended by the Board Chair, Rob Siganto. It meets quarterly to provide the TMBF Board with advice on issues related to the TMBF mission, including forming and maintaining relationships with members and partners; strategy and opportunity; recommendation on activities, etc. The Terms of Reference for the committee can be found here.

We invite any of our Friend members interested in becoming the representative to email us at Please provide a brief biography and describe your connection to and vision for the Bay. Nominations are to be received by 2:00 pm, Monday, 8 March. Nominee briefs will be sent to all Friends and online voting will run on 11-12 March. The representative will serve for one year and will be eligible to run for re-election.

We look forward to welcoming the Friend representative at the next MAC meeting.