In line with good practice governance, The Moreton Bay Foundation (TMBF) Board has created Committees to support it in its responsibilities, and work. Each Committee reports to the Board and Committee activities are monitored by the Board.


Fundraising Committee

Director, John Goodman
John Goodman, Committee Chairperson

The Moreton Bay Foundation’s (TMBF) longevity relies on obtaining sustainable sources of income including donations.  Fundraising will be the key to the Foundation’s success.  While each individual Board member, and the Board collectively, remains responsible for ensuring TMBF’s successful fundraising, the Board has established the Fundraising Committee to support it in that responsibility. The Committee will, among other work, provide the Board with impartial, transparent and accountable advice and guidance on planning for, designing and implementing all activities associated with fundraising.

Terms of Reference (PDF)

Research Advisory Committee

Director, Ian Tibbetts
Ian Tibbetts,  Committee Chairperson

The role and responsibilities of the Research Advisory Committee includes providing advice to TMBF’s Board on issues such as forming relationships with research bodies and committees relevant to the goals of TMBF, undertaking assessments and recommendations of awards of any TMBF grants and scholarships, and making recommendations to the Board on TMBF research priorities.

As part of its commitment to evidence-based practice, at least yearly The Moreton Bay Foundation hosts expert scientific forums comprising some Foundation members, scientists and other experts known for their academic reputation, specialisation in their discipline, and their research publications and impact. The Research Advisory Committee will also be responsible for planning those forums, and the Foundation’s Board will be guided by the deliberations and recommendations arising out of each forum, in relation to the Foundation’s activities in scientific research, evidence-based practice, and knowledge-into-actions.

Terms of Reference (PDF)

Photo credit: Serge Petchenyi.