Healthy Land and Water (HLW) is an independent organisation dedicated to improving and protecting South East Queensland’s (SEQ) environment. Through partnerships with Traditional Owners, government, industry, environmental groups and the community, HLW delivers innovative and evidence-based solutions to the challenges affecting the region’s landscape and waterways.

HLW’s diverse and dedicated team of scientists and engineers are experts in research, monitoring, evaluation and project management. These teams design and implement programs and projects to restore waterways and landscapes, improve and protect native habitats and wildlife and educate SEQ communities on ways to safeguard the future of the environment.

In particular, HLW’s Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program highlights the organisation’s commitment to improving the region’s waterways that ultimately flow into Moreton Bay, an ecosystem made up of precious marine habitats and endangered species.

As HLW and The Moreton Bay Foundation (TMBF) continue to collaborate and work towards preserving the jewel of SEQ, Moreton Bay, HLW endeavours to maintain its position as a trusted, relevant and independent leader.

HLW strongly believes that by forging and maintaining strong partnerships with key environmental stakeholders like TMBF, invaluable knowledge and experience is shared between organisations providing a wider oversight of SEQ’s environmental issues. Together we can help create a healthy environment that supports a vibrant economy for SEQ.


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