herd of dugongs Moreton Bay © Regatta Marine
herd of dugongs Moreton Bay © Regatta Marine
Herd of dugongs Moreton Bay © Regatta Marine
Imagine gliding underwater in Moreton Bay, exploring, watching and learning about the different marine life and biodiversity below the surface, and how it coexists with people above the water. Living and Playing Together, a project supported by the Moreton Bay Foundation plans to create that experience.

Data science and technology will be used to create an interactive digital platform called ‘Living Together’ for a virtual experience of what lies beneath Moreton Bay.

The project will use underwater cameras, drones, and acoustic sensors to capture images, detect sound and gather data on life below the surface. Daily satellite imagery will provide images from above to visualise human activities. The data and digital media collected will be used to develop the ‘Living Together’ platform which will showcase interactive maps, virtual reality underwater experiences with sound and information regarding the biodiversity within the region.

Shared understanding of the use of Moreton Bay by wildlife and people means everyone can better enjoy living and playing together.

Living and Playing Together commences in August 2020 led by Dr Julie Vercelloni, Research Fellow at QUT, and a collaborative team consisting of Prof Kerrie Mengersen, Dr Angela Dean, Assoc Prof Kate Thompson, Prof Peter Anderson and Gavin Winter from QUT, Dr Emma Kennedy and Dr Chris Roelfsema from UQ, Dr Ross Dwyer from USC, Darren Burns from QYAC and Jodi Salmond of Reef Check Australia.