Director, Natalie Costanzo

Hello there, my name is Natalie Costanzo.  I am proud to be a Director of The Moreton Bay Foundation (TMBF). My passion is educating and motivating people to take positive action on a range of environmental and social issues.

A couple of professional highlights in my career that reflect my passion are leading a successful campaign for the Queensland Conservation Council to stop sea cage aquaculture in Moreton Bay, and doubling the number mentoring of at-risk youths as part of my role as Executive Director of Talbot Mentors in the United States.

I am also very passionate about Moreton Bay.  It is so important – it is the only place I am aware of that you can see herds of dugongs with a city skyline in the background. Brisbane is very lucky to have this natural treasure on its doorstep. Some of my best childhood memories involve Moreton Bay.

I believe the number one challenge for Moreton Bay is population growth in the catchment and the lack of public awareness of how this impacts the Bay. I decided to join TMBF’s Board because I wanted to share my experience from working and volunteering for other non-profits in the USA and Australia, to build public awareness and action to conserve a place that is very special to me, Moreton Bay.  I was also impressed by TMBF’s commitment to collaboration and working with a range of stakeholders to apply the best research, and convert research-into-action projects, to ensure a healthy future for Moreton Bay.


Written by Natalie Costanzo, TMBF Director