Recreational vessels anchored at Tangalooma. Image provided by Regatta Marina

The noticeable increase in use of Moreton Bay by recreational boaters since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has raised the profile of the issue of sustainable use of the Bay. The upcoming 2022 Moreton Bay Marine Park Review and the announcement of the Brisbane 2032 Olympics add urgency to the need to understand how the Bay is used.

TMBF recognises recreational use as a key pressure on the Bay’s sustainability so funded the “Mapping Social Values and Activities of Recreational Motor Vessel Users in Moreton Bay” project. Also supported by the Department of Environmental Science’s Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, this project combines social scientific theory and mapping to identify 1. which parts of Moreton Bay recreational motorised vessel users visit (spatial data), 2. for which recreational activities (use data), and 3. why (values data).

‘Recreational Boater Use and Values’ is led by Dr Vicki Martin, Dr Claudia Benham and Associate Professor Carissa Klein, University of Queensland.

Final report

The project is completed and the Recreational Boater Use and Values Final Report is now available.

This is one of two related projects designed to provide information about how Bay users and the broader community appreciate and understand the unique natural and cultural values of Moreton Bay. This insight will help TMBF and Bay managers to engage more purposefully with the community, working together to ensure sustainable use of the Bay. Read about the second project, Community Appreciation of Moreton Bay.