The Moreton Bay Foundation (TMBF) is pleased to share its draft Strategic Plan Summary. TMBF held a dedicated Strategic Planning Workshop in late 2018, where all its members and key partners and supporters provided input for the Plan’s development.

While this Plan will help guide TMBF activities for the coming two years, the Plan has been marked “draft” because TMBF would love to hear from others who have an interest in Moreton Bay, and TMBF, and wish to provide feedback on the Plan. The Plan is intended to be a living document, that accommodates changing circumstances and the environment in which TMBF operates.

If you wish to provide respectful feedback on the Plan, including suggestions for improvement, comments about the stated, or perhaps additional, Goals and Strategies, or general comment and compliments, please complete the feedback form below.

TMBF will consider all feedback, and appreciates the time and effort taken in providing any feedback. Based on such feedback, TMBF will appropriately amend its Strategic Plan.

The Moreton Bay Foundation Limited
2019–2020 Strategic Plan Summary




Moreton Bay will be an international treasure, known for its excellent environmental health, biological diversity, and ecological sustainability, its innovative, robust and resilient economy, and its Indigenous culture and heritage.

  • Evidence Based

  • Integrity

  • Independent

  • Collaboration

To focus expertise, wisdom and enthusiasm for the benefit of Moreton Bay.

  • Evidence-based

  • Independent

  • Integrity

  • Collaborative



An aware and engaged community
Strategies (What):

  • Formally Launch TMBF: Launch date Friday 30 and Saturday 31 August 2019 to complement Quandamooka Festival

  • Build and maintain a strong membership base, including developing a membership strategy that identifies, targets and engages recreation, cultural and community members, research members and partners (including government, citizen scientists, community groups, schools)

  • Educate and engage the community through regular, evidence-based and informative communication, including through developing and implementing a communication strategy, a range of communication tools, and a student engagement plan (targeting university students and secondary school groups, particularly through their STEM curriculum activities). Also consider expanding the Biodiversity Road Show.

  • Partner with others to address critical issues for Moreton Bay, including identifying priority issues and potential, appropriate solutions for the Bay with like-minded partners , using independent, evidence based research to advocate for change.



Evidence-based, innovative, impactful research
Strategies (What):

  • Establish a Scientific Advisory Board, with leading global scientists, to advise TMBF Board on research priorities, funding and outcomes, including developing a communication and engagement plan to retain experts engagement, and holding science workshops to develop research strategies to guide decision making.

  • Support high quality, evidence-based research projects, including through developing a robust grant application process and funding criteria to ensure accountable, evidence based decision making.

  • Raise awareness of relevant research and research outcomes of TMBF funded projects, including through holding an annual Expert Scientific Forum showcasing TMBF funded research.

  • Provide opportunities to develop the next generation of scientists, including through PhD student membership of the Board’s Research Advisory Committee, and supporting school student activities.



A strong, respected, sustainable and accountable organisation
Strategies (What):

  • Ensure effective governance, and operational practices and processes that comply with regulatory requirements, including establishing robust information management and security, and financial (including insurance and grant management) processes and practices.

  • Promote TMBF, its vision, mission, activities and impact, including developing the TMBF brand and developing a communication strategy.

  • Increase financial sustainability, including through developing a fundraising strategy.

  • Engage the next generation of youth & traditional owners to build TMBF’s social licence to operate.

  • Appropriately resource TMBF to ensure it can deliver on its strategies and meet its operational and legal commitments.

TMBF’s Road Map Key Activities 2018–2020

Build TMBF awareness

  • Develop the TMBF 'story'

  • Develop collateral


  • Regularly communicate

Invest in the science

  • Implement Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Develop research strategy

  • Develop grant criteria & process

  • Identify & implement 'quick win'

Grow members

  • Develop member strategy

  • Grow 'friends'

  • Grow 'members'

Grow funding

  • Develop fundraising strategy

  • Leverage existing funds

  • Target philanthropy

Educate & engage

  • Develop engagement strategy

  • Promote the scientific evidence

  • Advocate for best practice

Provide feedback