A small way to make a big difference in protecting Moreton Bay.

By supporting us, you will make a real impact on the international treasure that is Moreton Bay. Your generous donations will help maintain environmental health, biological diversity, ecological sustainability and Indigenous heritage for current and future generations.

The Moreton Bay Foundation’s purpose is to protect and enhance the natural environment to enable future generations to live, work and play in Moreton Bay. We do this through awareness, education, influence, research facilitation and direct action. The priority campaigns for the Foundations are:

  • Sedimentation
    We are campaigning for – greater water clarity and quality – Reduced incidence of harmful algal blooms – Healthy coral reefs and seagrass meadows – Decreased inputs of pollutants and nutrients
  • Sustainable Use
    We are campaigning for – Healthy shore and subtidal systems – Better planning for use within acceptable ecological limits – Reduced impact on coastal wetlands and the marine environment
  • Cultural Heritage Protections
    We are campaigning for – Increased knowledge, respect for and protection of cultural heritage – A strong partnership between Traditional Owners and contemporary science
  • Habitat Restoration
    We are campaigning for – Increased areas of shellfish and coral reefs – Functioning wetlands and ecosystem connectivity – Management policies and regulations that recognise intervention and promote action

About Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving Programs enable employees to nominate their preferred charity and donate the amount of their choosing directly from their pre-tax earnings at each pay cycle. As workplace giving donations are deducted from an employees’ pre-tax pay, the tax benefits to the employee is immediate. There is no need to keep any records or receipts to claim a tax benefit at the end of the financial year.

For Employers

It is easy to add The Moreton Bay Foundation as a charity partner for your work. Your decision to choose us will make a big difference to protecting the Bay as an international treasure for future generations to enjoy. By supporting us your organisation is making an investment in us to protect the health of the natural environment in Moreton Bay.

The Moreton Bay Foundation is registered with workplace giving platform Good2Give. If you do not currently use Good2Give for workplace giving; you can register your organisation at www.good2give.ngo

For Employees

Workplace giving is one of the most effective ways to support The Moreton Bay Foundation. It is simple to set-up to have your generous donation deducted from your pre-tax-pay. If your employer has a Workplace Giving program in place, simply complete the authority form nominating Moreton Bay Foundation as your chosen charity.

If your employer uses the Good2Give platform simply request the login details from your payroll officer and set up your donation online. And if your employer does not have a workplace giving platform set up, give them the www.good2give.ngo address so that they can register online with Good2Give.