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Q. Do we know where recreational fishing effort is located and what the true catch is?

A. Recreational catch data are derived from fishing surveys conducted by DAF in 2000, 2010 and 2013. The 2013 survey estimated there were approximately 642,000 anglers in Queensland, who harvested 8,500t of fish, crabs and prawns. Of these, approximately one-third lived in the Brisbane region around Moreton Bay.

The economic value of Queensland recreational fishing is $400m per year and estimates of direct expenditure from this sector in South East Queensland (including Moreton Bay) range from $156m to $194m. Recreational fishing thus contributes significant economic benefits, especially to the local area, with boating, bait and fishing tackle industries heavily reliant on this activity. More here:

Q.41 How can we prevent the bay from being over fished?
Q.17 Why is the voice of fishers always louder than the vast majority who are not fishing? Seems unbalanced
Q.22 Who truly ‘owns’ the fisheries resources of the Bay. Do commercial and recreational fishers truly have a social contract to have near exclusive use to it?

A. Moreton Bay fishers are currently engaged in the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy 2017-2027 (SFS) in which considerable benefits to fisheries and ecological sustainability will hopefully occur. TMBF is cognizant of the influence of recreational fishers on both the catch and the political process.

Recreational fishers represent an important economic benefit to Moreton Bay, and commercial fishers provide the south east Queensland community access to locally derived (low carbon footprint) product. Both services require acknowledgement of their respective values and need to be considered as resource allocation moves forward. In addition, Traditional Owner rights of access and involvement in management of these resources need to be facilitated.

Understanding the sustainable take of the Moreton Bay fishery requires ongoing monitoring and research. It is important that this underpins the issue of commercial licenses and recreational bag and size limits.

Phase 2 of the review of Moreton Bay Marine Park zoning is anticipated in the near future, and the Moreton Bay Foundation will draw on the expertise of our Research Advisory Committee to participate in the consultation process.

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