Pod of dolphins porpoising, © copyright Katya Ovsyanikova, UQ PhD student

Q. What is the main cause of death of our marine animals in the bay and what strategies can we look at to change this?

A. Other than natural causes, habitat loss and resultant loss of food sources; and habitat degradation from reduced water quality are the greatest threats. Entanglement in fishing lines and hooks and boat strike also contribute.

Significant water quality improvements have been achieved with upgrades to sewage treatment plants, and a focus is now occurring on waterway health, stormwater run-off and practices that reduce sediment delivery to the bay.

Good planning and evidence-based decision making are required to prevent further habitat loss.

Speed limits, corrodible fishing hooks and other responsible fishing practices need to continue to be promoted. Learn more in the Ecology of the marine mammals of Moreton Bay chapter of the book Moreton Bay Quandamooka and Catchment.