The Moreton Bay Foundation

Q. What is the justification for TMBF as regional organisations already exist e.g. HLW, SEQCMA? How does TMBF propose to communicate and interact and partner with the existing catchment groups / Brisbane Catchments Network?

A. Our role is to be an independent voice for Moreton Bay, a facilitator of collaborative research, and a conduit to increased philanthropic and corporate investment to underpin those objectives.

The Moreton Bay Foundation (TMBF) appreciates the role that the many organisations, groups and individuals are playing in South East Queensland that contribute to the health of Moreton Bay. TMBF and its members have close ties with HLW and many local community groups and intends to facilitate collaboration and support existing activities as there is much work that needs to be done.

Gaps in knowledge were identified through our Expert Scientific Forum, and partners indicated they’d like to see TMBF assist in filling those, including: determining the carrying capacity of the Bay, raising awareness of the Bay’s values including those of traditional owners, and providing management agencies with research data to help inform their decisions.